Thursday, January 9, 2014

Clarification on importing country mandate

Clarification asked on the following: 
To our understanding Indian authorities have already implemented specific requirements for serialisation with respect to products which are exported. 

What are the exact requirements when a product is exported out of India to a country which has another regulation (e.g. France)? 

In the secondary packaging section of the guidelines released by GS1 India it states that:
In case the importing country has mandated a specific requirement, the exporter can adhere to the same and it would not be necessary to comply with the above requirement.

The questions are:
1) If the import country has only a requirement to serialize the secondary packaging, would the Indian requirement for primary and tertiary packaging still apply?
2) If the import country has only a requirement to mark the product with datamatrix with GTIN, batch, expiry but not serial number, do we have to print 2 datamatrix on the product (one to comply with the import country requirement and the second for the Indian requirement)? 

Clarification given by GS1 India:
As per the manual, If the importing country has any mandate on any levels of the packaging, then it can be followed. For rest of the levels DGFT mandate will apply.

Bijoy Peter

GS1 India

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