Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Legal notice to DGFT dt.26.6.2012

VeR aFsi ru Partner-Legal --. -Imil t - r Ramesh Venkatachalapathy M.A., L.L.M. lChrcago Kent College of Law) ADVOCATE

To                                                                                                                 Dt:26.06.2012
The Directorate General of Foreign Trade
Udyog Bhavan H-Wing, Gate No.2, Maulana Azad Road New Delhi - 1 10 01 I .


Sub: W.P.No.2921a3n d 29214o f 20ll - Pharmaceutical Industry and Indian Association-v s- Union of India,R Secretaryto Government & another-Reg.

 Confederationo f Indian Drugs Manufacturers On behalf of our client IWs. Confederationo f Indian Pharmaceutical IndustryI SSI and Indian DrugsM anufacturer'As ssociationw, e have filed the aboveW rit Petitionb eforet he Hon'bleH igh Courto f Madrasp rayingf or issueo f Writ of Certiorarit o call for the entirer ecordso f the respondentisn connection with the impugnedn otificationo f the 2ndr espondendt ated3 0.6.2011in Public NoticeN o.59 (RE-2010)12009-20m14o diffing the notificationi n PublicN otice NO.21( RE-2011)12009-20d1a4te d1 0.1.2011a nd quasht he said notifications dated1 0.1.201a1n d3 0.6.2011. On 19.12.2011F,I isL ordshipM r..Iustice.N.PaVual santhakumahra dp assed interimo rdersi n the abovew rit petitionsg rantings tatusq uo as on 19.12.201t1o be maintaineda nd listed the mattera fter 3 weeks. Mr.M.RajasekaranSop ecial StandingC ounsel-S PCCG( SpeciaSl tandingC ounselt)o ok noticeo n yourb ehalf. Subsequentot our private notice, you have issueda nothern otificationd ated 22.12.201i1n PublicN oticeN o.87( RE-2010)12009-20N1e4w, Delhi,m odiffing the earlier notification which is the subject matter of writ petition pending before the Hon'ble High Court of Madras.

 As the matter is pending before the Hon,ble High Court of Madras and interim orders are granted, any further modification without leave of the courr. Kindly refrain from issuing any orders till disposal of the writ petition. Inpsiteo f this notice,i f you rely on notificationd ated2 2.12.2011in public Notice No.87 (RE-2010y2009-2014N,e w Delhi, without leave of the Hon,ble High Court, Chennai. Under instnrctionsf rom our client, we will constraint o initiate contempt proceedings and making you personal liable for all consequences thereto.
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