Monday, October 5, 2015

Circular issued by Pharmexcil on 30/09/2015 to comply

Ref: PXL/H.O./CIR-087/2015-16                                         Date: 30.09.2015


Dear Sir/Madam,

Subject: Bar coding Public Notice by DGFT dt: 22nd May 2015-Data uploading on Central Server / compliance -regarding

As our members are aware all exporters are required to comply stipulations made in the Public Notice dt: 22nd May 2015 by DGFT effective from 1st October 2015. Pharmexcil has been updating our members on this important issue regularly and arranged interaction / awareness programmes at Delhi (Ministry), Mumbai and Hyderabad etc., during the past 3/4 months. Pharmexcil has also forwarded the representations received from industry on various aspects of implementation of the notification to the Government.

In view of impending commencement of data uploading on central server from 1stOct, 2015, Council would like to send present status report immediately on preparedness of our members for the implementation of Public Notice dt: 22nd May 2015.

We would therefore request all our members to please inform the following:

1.    Present status of installation of software / hardware for data transfer to  central server (DAVA).
2.    Reasons for delays
3.    Suggestions

Our council would compile such data and forward the same to Government for consideration.

With regards,

Director General