Friday, October 28, 2011

Request letter to issue clarification by DGFT dt. 19.10.2011


Sri J.S.Deepak, IAS
Joint Secretary
Dept of Commerce
Ministry of Commerce and Industry
Govt. of India, New Delhi.


                Sub:- DGFT public notification No. 59 dated 30.6.2011 – Clarifications – Requested.

                Ref:- 1. Clarification Letter No. 15/71/2010 EP (Engg) dated 12.8.2011 of the Dept of Commerce.
                         2.  Letter No.15/88/2011-EP (Engg) dated  4.10.2011 of the Dept of Commerce addressed
                             to DGFT.

                Pharmexcil is highly thankful for the timely clarifications on the subject notification to help the members to export the pharmaceutical consignment smoothly. We draw your kind attention on the above referred letters .

                A.  in the 1st cited reference,  it is clarified that Bulk Drugs / Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients(APIs)   are not  required to have barcode on the labels . Formulations/Medicines  with primary, secondary and tertiary packs are required to be labeled  with barcode as per the notification.  Many of the Pharmexcil members are informing the council that their consignments are stopped at DGFT offices  for not labeling with barcode for the bulk drugs / APIs  and officials are insisting for official clarification and clear guidelines from DGFT   on this issue.

                B. In the 2nd cited reference, it is clarified that the drugs/medicines manufactured  on and after 1st oct 2011 are only  required to have barcode for export purpose but some of the council members are informing the council that their drugs manufactured  before 1st Oct 2011 are stopped at DGFT offices for lack of using barcode on their labels and directing the exporters to submit the clarification from DGFT.

                In view of the above, we   request you to help our  members by advising   DGFT  to issue early clarifications on the above issues at the earliest

                Thanking you

With regards

Executive Director

Copy submitted to Smt Mridul Jain, Director, Dept of Commerce for information.

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