Sunday, October 9, 2011

How to verify Barcode by DGFT officials

Hello Mr. Subbi Reddy
Greetings from Bartech Data Systems

                      Myself Sunny Jain and we just had a chat on phone. I am representing Bartech Data Systems, and we provide Auto ID Solutions (Barcoding & RFID).

                      I am having 1 query, which even the GS1 People were unable to handle, which I will be sharing with you. I will be obliged if you can throw some light on my below mentioned query:

#) Tertiary Level Packaging: The Shipper Boxes will be packed in containers having 3 to 4 locks. So, how will DGFT be able to know that the Pharmaceutical companies have followed the mandates for Tertiary Packs or not. Secondly, even at the receiving country's Dock, the officials normally don't open the containers and check the entire contents (shipper boxes), as the containers will be in lakhs. So, how the DGFT Mandates be scrutinized against the set standards?

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Sunny Ashok Jain
Dear Sir,
Govt. authorities,  on the declaration of the consignee and also on production of labels used, they will clear the goods. As and when they got doubt, they will verify and proper action will be initiated against the offenders.
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K.Subbi Reddy.
Hello Mr. Subbi Reddy
Greetings from Bartech Data Systems

                  It was my pleasure talking to you yesterday. Thanks a lot for solving my query.

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Sunny Jain       


  1. Dear Mr.Subbi Reddy,
    we would like to know Bar code system in the case of Contract Manufacturing apart our own Export. We do contract manufacturing on two types
    1. Third Party Contract Manufacturing (on Neutral Code)
    2. Loan License.

    In this situation we would like to know whether the Manufacturer or our Loan Licensee and Third Party exporter should also have separate Bar coding system.

    Please clarify us.

    Yeluri Formulations Pvt Ltd

  2. Dear Mr.Hari garu
    you are required to obtain GS1India registration and apply the same on all the products manufactured by you either on neutral label or on your own. In case of loan licence, the holder of loan licence has to obtain GS1India registration and apply the barcode on their products. Barcode is mainly intedent for original manufacature only to trace and track the product manufactured by them.
    with regards
    k.Subbi Reddy.