Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Webinars on Barcodes by GS1

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dateTue, Sep 6, 2011 at 4:03 PM
 Dear Sir,
As you may be aware that GS1 India is conducting physical workshops at our office every week since July ’11 and from Aug’11 onwards we also started conducting Webinars for pharma companies to facilitate them complying with the barcode requirements as stipulated under DGFT Public Notice. We are also providing them our support for registration and implementation.  The pharma companies who are unable to participate in physical workshops due to various constraints , Webinars  enable these companies to  gain required knowledge on implementation of barcoding , sitting at their respective offices. They just require internet connection and a microphone to get access to Webinar . A webinar is of one and half hours duration and 20 participants can participate at a time.   Should you wish to arrange such webinars for your members ,please let us know. We shall be happy to provide our support for the same and organize webinars exclusively for Pharmexcil members.  For the same you may send us list of interested participants with their contact details (Name, Organisation, email id & phone number ) to enable us send them invite to participate in Webinars.  Best Regards,  
Gopal Valecha
Sr. Manager
Business Development
GS1 India(Under Ministry of Commerce, Govt. of India)

Note: Who ever is interested, they are requested to furnish the details for conducting the program for 20 members at a time. Pharmexicl members are requested to utlize the oppurtunity at the earliest.

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