Friday, November 25, 2011

DOC clarification on application of Barcode for Bulkdrugs/APIs dt. 25.11.2011.

From: Mridul Jain
To: Dr Appaji Pv ;
Sent: Friday, November 25, 2011 5:35 PM

No. 15/88/2011-EP(Engg)
Government of IndiaDepartment of Commerce
Udyog Bhawan, New Delhi
Dated: 25th November 2011

Subject :Exemption to APIs from bar coding mandated vide Public Notice No. 21 dated 10th January, 2011 and Public Notice No. 59 dated dated 30th June, 2011

Pharmexcil has informed that Mumbai Customs have withheld all the API/bulk drug  consignments of pharmaceutical products for non implementation of stipulations of bar coding mandated by above Public Notices.  The matter has been considered in Department of Commerce and it has been decided that the mandate in the above Public Notices is applicable for finished pharma products i.e. formulations.  DGFT is requested to issue clarifications that above Public Notices cover only finished pharmaceutical products i.e. medicinal formulations and does not include bulk drugs/APIs/intermediates   This issues with the approval of Commerce Secretary.  
(Mridul Jain)
Joint Secretary

Dr. Anup Pujari
Director General
DGFT  Udyog Bhawan New Delhi
Copy to: 1)    Shri V. Soundarrajan,  Additional Commissioner, Mumbai -  with a request that pending consignments of API/bulk drugs/intermediates be cleared immediately

2)    ED, Pharmexcil. (Mridul Jain)Joint Secretary