Thursday, November 3, 2011

Barcode for OTC drugs

Kindly refer to the PN no. 59(RE-2010)/2009-2014 dtd. 30.06.2011 wherein the implementation date for Affixing Bar Code on Pharmaceuticals and Drugs export Product   was extended .While considering the Implementation, we had discussed the Relevant issue with GS1 global Standard Authority. The concerned Authority of GS1 informed us that the Notification regarding Bar Coding is applicable on Drugs and Medicine under Doctor’s Prescription only. While on this, Kindly note that our  all products fall under the Category “ Herbal Medicaments” and these are OTC medicaments and does not require Doctor’s prescription. In view of above, Your confirmation is solicited that this Bar Code stipulation under above referred notification will not be applicable in our case.
For your clarity of understanding we are furnishing herein below the name of our main  Export Products, which are as follows: -
Himani Boroplus Antiseptic Cream-
Himani Boroplus Skincare Cream-
Menthoplus Balm-
Himani Fast Relief Pain Relief Ointment- Zandu Balm- Zandu Chawanprash Would appreciate your confirmation at an early date.  Thanking You,Yours FaithfullyFor, Emami LimitedB.SARKAR(Sr. Export Manager)

Dear Sir,
It is to submit that the drugs manufactured under any licence under the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940 and Rules 1945 thereunder, they will be treated as Drugs/Medicines which require barcoding as per the DGFT Notifications. As on today, there is no exemption given to Ayush products or any other products under drugs. It is also informed that there is no exemption given for OTC drugs or non-prescription drugs for implimentation of barcode.
Pharmexcil is keeping all the information on barcode system in the form of a Blog with link to the Pharmexcil website. If you visit the website, I am sure you will get some clarification as on this issue as clarification is issued to another member.
Now Pharmexcil is collecting the opinion of exporters on the implimentation of the barcode system and problems faced by them, any solutions or suggestions to submit the same to the Dept of Commerce for their consideration and for issue of directions to over come the problems.
Hence, you are requested to offer your opinion on the implimentation of the barcode system, problems faced, suggetions may be sent to The Executive Director, Pharmexcil for submitting the same to the Govt. for their consideration and a favourable action.
with regards
K.Subbi Reddy.